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January 23 2012 - by Toyo Tires & MOTOR 2011 MagazineT1Sport

Toyo Tires - Proxes T1 Sport

Toyo Tires Top Stoppers in Motor Magazine Test
Toyo Tires has topped the dry braking test in the recent MOTOR 2011 Magazine Tyre Test scoring first place among nine tyre brands. In what is claimed to be the most brutal of all tests conducted, Toyo’s Proxes T1 Sport outperformed all other tyre brands testing best - outright and on average - in emergency braking performance pulling up about two metres shorter than the Goodyear tyre.

Conducted in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X MR control test car, all tyres were tested on a dry braking run from 100km/h emulating a similar real-world emergency braking situation.

In other tests, the Toyo Proxes T1 Sport tested second best in the wet skidpan circuit where it was a mere 0.51 second behind the Goodyear proving the Toyo tyre’s broad capabilities in both wet and dry road conditions.

Overall, the Toyo Proxes T1 Sport claimed an impressive podium finish making it the most affordable performance tyre among the top three performers offering customers exceptional levels of quality and value for money. Toyo Australia’s technical manager, Steve Burke, said the results demonstrated Toyo Tires’ continuous commitment to tyre performance, quality and vehicle safety.

“It is in emergency braking situations and wet weather driving conditions where drivers will be using tyres at or near their maximum grip levels.” Mr. Burke said. “The results for the Proxes T1 Sport in the emergency braking test (1st) and the wet skidpan test (2nd) indicate the tyre’s grip levels which help optimise vehicle safety in real-world driving conditions where it counts most.”

The Proxes T1 Sport is Toyo’s flagship passenger car tyre developed for drivers of high-end performance sedans and coupes seeking ride comfort and performance. It provides drivers with confident levels of grip and braking performance in both dry and wet conditions as demonstrated in the test. It is available as a replacement tyre to suit Toyo OE fitted Audi RS5/TT and Mazda SP23/Max Sport/3, among other popular cars.

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