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Toyo Proxes T1RT1R

The Proxes T1-R is Toyo's ultra-high performance passenger car tyre, superseding the Proxes T1-S. The Proxes T1-R utilises a newly developed silica tread compound with a ultra-high molecular polymer that provides improved grip levels on wet & dry roads and improved wear resistance. The directional tread pattern of the Proxes T1-R maintains the exceptional resistance to aquaplaning of the Proxes T1-S, combined with a new rib / block tread shoulder arrangement that improves dry cornering grip, improves resistance to irregular wear and reduces tread noise.


"Generation S" Silica-Reinforced, High-Grip Tread Compound
Increased silica in tread compound improves wet performance while providing excellent dry performance.

Refined Unidirectional Tread Design
Provides excellent dry and wet performance with a modern design.  

V-Shaped Main Grooves
Disperse water for better wet performance.

Rigid Shoulder Rib-Bands
Improve cornering for exceptional dry performance.
Reduce irregular wear for a smooth, quiet ride.

Parallel Shoulder Slits
Help reduce irregular wear. 

Available sizes





205/40ZR17 84W 

245/45ZR16 94W  

225/50ZR16 92W  

205/55R15 88V  

225/45ZR16 93W  

205/50ZR16 87W  

195/45R16 80V  

225/50R15 91V 

205/50R15 89V  

195/50R15 82V