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The Polyair Spring suspension aid solves suspension problems and improves all round handling performance and ride stability in cars, vans, trucks and 4x4 vehicles. The unique feature that makes the Polyair Spring more versatile and effective than other suspension products is its air adjustable variable rate spring design for custom ride control.

The adjustable variable rate spring feature enables the motorist to change spring rates for desired ride, as quickly and easily as inflating a tyre. Whether hauling heavy loads, towing a trailer, or driving on rough roads, Polyairs can be adjusted to meet the exact load requirements and conditions.Polyair Red

Polyair RED Series - 450 Kilograms of Load Support
Engineered as an add-on helper spring for both coil and leaf spring suspensions. Easy do-it-yourself installation with simple hand tools. All kits are packaged for complete installation to include: two air springs, two inflation valves, airline, all fittings, all necessary mounting hardware, and detailed installation instructions.


Polyair BLACK Series- 2,200 Kilograms of Load Support
Available only for a limited range of rear leaf sprung vehicles and custom applications. Engineered for commercial loads motor homes, or slide-on campers. All kits contain: two air


springs, two inflation valves, airline and all fittings; upper and lower brackets plus all mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions.




Load Leveling
Heavy loads and trailer towing often cause sag, sway and bottoming out. At night, road visibility becomes impaired because headlight aim is pointing to the sky. Polyairs cure these problems by boosting overload support and maintaining proper level, making driving easier.

Renews Spring Life
Springs don't have to be old and worn to be tired. Polyair Springs eliminate the need to replace weakened springs by putting life back into them and enhancing them with the air adjustable feature.

Improves Off-Road Performance
Driving on a rugged off-road terrain results in a lot of severe pounding action to the springs. Polyairs boost spring rates to help prevent bottoming and absorb those hard impacts. With the air adjustable feature, springs can be quickly adjusted for on or off highway performance.

Polyairs increase concerning and handling performance by reducing body roll and sway. The air adjustable feature permits modification of spring rates to the driver's personal ride preference.


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