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Excellent steering response, long wearing

  • Optimised Tread Pattern - Ensures straight-line stability, steering response and water clearance.
  • White Band Sidewall - Provides the option for the more classic look.

Available in 185/80R13


Designed for Economy, Mileage and Safety

Available in 165/70R13





Designed to provide mileage and ride comfort in all conditions

Available in 155/80R13




Quiet comfort for small vehicles

  • Five-rib Directional Tread - Quick and direct seteering response.
  • Large circumferential grooves - superior displacement of water miproves braking distances on wet roads.
  • Multi-directional Sipes - Optimises traction under a variety of road conditions.

Available in 175/70R13


Designed to provide mileage and traction in all conditions

Available in 175/70R13




Designed to provide mileage and ride comfort

Available in 185/70R13